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Gradius V

Gradius V out now on PS3

The classic shoot'em up game is back from 2004.

Today Konami released Gradius V on PSN for PlayStation 3, at £7.99. The classic shoot 'em up game was previously released for PS2 in 2004 and now it's back as part of PS2 R Classic.

"In Gradius V, players control the legendary Vic Viper craft as it faces wave after wave of the Bacterian race's alien warriors. Initially armed with just a front-mounted laser, as the player destroys specifically-coloured aliens they release a yellow power up capsule, lighting the ‘Option Panel' at the bottom of the screen when collected.

As more capsules are collected, varied and more powerful weapons are accessible, including lasers, bombs, shields and extra weapon pods. Gradius V, however, ups the ante even further, giving the player access to four different weapon arrays, each including bespoke power ups that will be essential if the seven stages are to be successful cleansed of the alien menace."

You can pick up Gradius V via the PlayStation Store.

Gradius V

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