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Google will reveal upcoming Stadia games tomorrow

The Stadia lineup is about to grow and Google is set to show some of the upcoming titles tomorrow.

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Google Stadia didn't really have the same impact on the industry as many thought it would, but it seems like Google is playing the long game, and will seemingly let players get to know the service over time.

Google is now ready to reveal some of the games coming to stadia in the near future and will do so tomorrow via a new Stadia Connect stream. This has been revealed by them on Twitter:

"It's time for another #StadiaConnect! Tune in this Tuesday 4/28 9AM PT / 6PM CET on YouTube to hear from the team and see a few new games coming to Stadia."

We still don't know what games we will get to see, but we can expect news about Baldur's Gate III. The stream will start Tuesday at 17:00 BST/18:00 CEST.

Google will reveal upcoming Stadia games tomorrow

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