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Goldeneye 007

GoldenEye remake creator explains modernising the game

Including little details like how the crosshair moves.

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GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 is one of the most beloved games of all time, despite the fact it hasn't held up very well, since FPS games have moved on and going back to those controls is like wading through sludge. One fan of the game called Ben Colclough, however, is looking to bring it into 2018 via Unreal Engine 4, and he recently spoke to Kotaku about this venture.

"The project was initially inspired by the canceled GoldenEye XBLA remaster," he explained. "Unreal offers a lot of possibilities: we can have better AI, a certain degree of dynamic lighting, and a dynamic music system. I use 3ds Max to model and Substance Painter for texturing. When it comes to GE25's visuals, I draw inspiration from both the original game and the GoldenEye film."

"In the original game when you aimed, your camera stayed still and your crosshair moved around the screen," he added. "I think most modern PC gamers would find this rather awkward, so I've changed the aiming system. Now the crosshair stays in the center of the screen and it's the camera which moves."

It seems Colclough has the right idea when it comes to what modern gamers want, and if you're interested in seeing the remake in action, you can see a trailer right here. Do you want GoldenEye back in your life?

Goldeneye 007

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