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God of War III

God of War III not final game

More games to follow trilogy

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God of War III does not mean the end of the God of War series. Sony's John Hight in an interview with Gamervision has spoken of the third instalment and had this nugget for fans of the franchise

"This is not the end of God of War. This is definitely the end of the trilogy, but we're going to continue to do God of War games. We're going to be very careful about what we do. We're the keepers of the franchise and we don't want to see it ruined or polluted."

What this means for fans of Kratos isn't entirely sure with the game's revenge hungry protagonist unlikely to feature in future titles. Will a new character be presented? Perhaps a Goddess of War. Till then brace yourself for God of War III due for release in March.

God of War III

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