Gamescom declared a success!

245000 visitors in five days

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The organisers of last week's games festival Gamescom have announced that a massive 245,000 visitors attended the inaugural event (surpassing the numbers of predecessor Games Convention in Leipzig).

Oliver P. Kuhrt, managing director of Köln Messe had this to add:

"The gamescom premiere ran splendidly. We are very happy with the enthusiastic response of both exhibitors and visitors. This has established gamescom as a leading trade fair straight away."

Other numbers of interest:

- There were 458 companies exhibiting from 31 countries.

- Gamescom spread out over 120,000 square metres at Köln Messe.

- There were over 17,000 trade visitors and 4,000 members of media from 48 countries.

- A survey conducted at the show indicated a very positive response from visitors:

95 percent of all exhibitors emphasized the high visitor quality, 92 percent of all trade visitors assessed their own visit to gamescom as being successful. 90 percent have already stated that they will come back to Cologne in 2010.

It looks like Gamescom succeeded above expectations in its first year and as far as Gamereactor goes we were also very pleased with the venue and the quality of what was presented this year. Make sure you tune into GRTV for plenty of video coverage from Cologne over the next few weeks.

Gamescom declared a success!

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