The Last Story

GAME pulls The Last Story

No stock come tomorrow's release.

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The Last Story, the Nintendo's Wii action-RPG, won't be stocked at GAME come tomorrow's launch - either in store or online.

Notification of the last minute pull came by way of an automated email to pre-order customers, which was flagged up by a NintendoLife reader to the site today.

The brief statement reads:

"Unfortunately we are no longer stocking The Last Story on Wii. If you return to the store they will be happy to refund your £5.00 deposit.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Miranda Donaldson
Support Centre
Game Stores Group."

VG247 is reporting that a full statement from the UK retail giant is expected shortly.

The new pull comes in the wake of Ubisoft's PS Vita launch line-up not being stocked, as well as the Tekken 3D Prime Edition on 3DS.

Both the standard and limited editions of the game are still available to order and buy from the likes of HMV and Amazon.

The Last Story

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