Counter-Strike 2

G2's playoff winning streak is under threat thanks to a visa issue

AWPer m0NESY can't make the trip to the BLAST Premier Spring Final in London.

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G2 have made their way to the finals of every offline Counter-Strike 2 tournament since the game launched last September. That's a very impressive streak, but the IEM Dallas champions might be about to meet the end of it thanks to a visa issue.

AWPer m0NESY won't be able to attend the event, thanks to a visa problem preventing him from making it to the BLAST Premier Spring Final in London. The team's coach TaZ will take his place, but it's going to be a difficult replacement.

Back at Dallas, G2 did manage to work against the odds with a man down, but the loss of m0NESY might be the final nail in the coffin. Of course, the team will still likely do well even without the star AWPer, but to keep that streak alive, they need everything on their side.

Counter-Strike 2

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