Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

Final Fantasy XIV's Xbox open beta is planned for early 2024

And various new details about the Dawntrail expansion has been revealed.

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As part of the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2023 that was held in London recently, various bits of information about the game have been revealed. We're told about new Jobs that will be included in the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, as well as the new areas, bosses and dungeons, Alliance Raid, collaborations, and when the Xbox open beta will be held for the title.

Talking about the latter point first, the Xbox open beta test will be held from the middle of January all the way until February, giving Xbox players the chance to finally experience the game.

Looking back at the Dawntrail expansion, this upcoming batch of content will include at least two new Jobs, with these being the melee-centric Viper, and the ranged Caster. The Viper will use dual swords that can combine into a double-bladed staff, and as for the Caster, more will be shared about this during January's Fan Festival.

The new areas for the expansion will see the story taking players to the tropical Kozama'uka and the arid Shaaloani. Players will also be able to meet a new allied tribe called the Moblins, which are similar to goblins but are regarded as gatherers and traders instead. These new areas will also add new bosses and dungeons, with one of the new bosses being known as the Eliminator. For the raiders out there, Dawntrail will bring a new Alliance Raid called Echoes of Vana'Diel, which will see 24 players locked into an event that has close collaboration with Final Fantasy XI.

We're told that Final Fantasy XVI will be coming to Final Fantasy XIV too, as part of a new collaboration that brings Clive Rosfield to the game, and sees players facing off against the title's version of Ifrit. Fall Guys will also be getting a Final Fantasy XIV crossover, bringing mini-games to the title themed around Mediatonic's battle royale.

Expect to hear more about FFXIV at the Fan Festival in Japan on January 7, 2024.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

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