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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

FC Barcelona joins eFootball.Pro and Konami league

Gerard Piqué's esports incentive is making big moves.

Konami and eFootball.Pro are hosting a football esports competition in the future, and now we've just found out the Spanish giants FC Barcelona will be the first club joining the competition, which means they'll be providing a professional team to compete alongside other international opponents.

"Barça is attentive to what is happening in this global and technological world, and given the major penetration and growth of esports, is on the path to also becoming a leader in this field," commented Manel Arroyo, FC Barcelona's Vice President of Marketing and Media. "FC Barcelona, in keeping with its innovative spirit, has decided to participate in a pioneering competition in the world of esports, alongside the finest partners, Konami and eFootball.Pro. We are sure that this competition will continue to make Barça members and fans that follow esports around the world very proud'. The professionals that form the blaugrana esports team will challenge their opponents using the Konami football video game series."

As you may remember, Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué has shown an interest in esports in the past as well, and eFootball is in fact his project, launched back in March last year. The aim is "to apply all that makes traditional football the king of sports to electronic football, to esports," he said. "As a player, I'm glad that my club has decided to enter esports and joined this innovative project that we are preparing together with Konami. Barça will be able to contribute its values to the competition and I'm sure that it will be a great rival for the rest of the teams. On our part, from eFootball.Pro we will join the club in its new adventure in this digital world and we will guide it so it gets to excite its fans as it does with the rest of sports."

Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director if Brand & Business Development for Konami Digital Entertainment B.V., added: "We are extremely excited to have one of the biggest clubs in the world, FC Barcelona, joining the league and for the first time entering the esports market on the Pro Evolution Soccer platform. This partnership elevates things to a new and professional level and gives fans a chance to compete and officially represent FC Barcelona on the biggest stages in the world."

This is only the first step for the competition, with more details and members being announced soon, but it seems fitting that Barcelona is the first club to join the league, especially since Piqué plays for the team and he commented a year ago that he could see a Barcelona esports club happening in the future.

What other clubs do you want to see join?

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