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Crash Team Rumble

Expect some Crash Bandicoot news at The Game Awards

The show starts in a few hours and the teasers are still continuing to pop up.

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In the lead up to The Game Awards show, which is being held later this evening, host Geoff Keighley and developers around the world have been teasing appearances. We've seen Larian Studios, Respawn Entertainment, and now the latest to join this fray is Toys for Bob, who has put out a rather blatant tease suggesting that the former Crash Bandicoot rumours held some truth.

In a tweet sent early this morning for us in Europe, the Crash Bandicoot account simply said, "So... what's everyone doing tomorrow?"

While the specifics to what this relates to remains unclear, there have been rumours that a secret multiplayer bralwer project called Crash Bandicoot: Wumpa League has been in development, so perhaps we'll see further information relating to this in just a few hours.

Crash Team Rumble

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