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Apex Legends

Everything about Apex Legends' Seer detailed in one trailer

The game's 18th legend could end up being its best tracker yet.

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A new legend is obviously one of the biggest highlights in each season of Apex Legends, so we've seen quite a bit of the game's 18th already, but that doesn't stop Respawn from following tradition by giving us a very detailed look at what he can do.

The extremely talented bunch over at Respawn has as promised given us a new trailer showing and explaining exactly what Seer will be able to do when he joins Apex Legends on August 3. This means we get a closer look at his passive Heart Seeker that shows enemies within 75 meters when you aim down sight, the appropriately named tactical ability called Focus of Attention which both tracks enemies and interrupt their revivals or healing, and most certainly not least his Ultimate that makes it near impossible to hide inside a large sphere made of his micro-drones. Simply put, Seer could end up being the game's best tracker yet.

Apex Legends

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