"Every single person has an integral role" in Overcooked

What's cooking in this kitchen? Chaos, by the sounds of it.

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Overcook is an upcoming local multiplayer game where up to four players are tasked with cooking up a storm while all hell breaks loose in the kitchen around them. Ghost Town Games have had the game in the oven for a while, and Team 17 are now preparing to serve it up for players to enjoy.

During E3 we spoke to designer and studio co-founder Phil Duncan at E3, and he had plenty to tell us about a game that draws inspiration from local multiplayer classics from the N64 era.

Here's what the man from Ghost Town Games had to say about the concept that defines this couch co-op title:

"We wanted to make a cooperative game," he told us, "and we wanted to make one that was like we consider a true cooperative game, so one where every single person has an integral role, right?! So the orders come in, and then it's up to you as a team to decide how you're going to distribute the different jobs you have."

Check out the full interview to find out more about what's on the menu.


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