Apex Legends

Golden Guardians expands into other esports titles

They're branching out from League of Legends, revealing three new teams packed with fresh signings.

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Esports team Golden Guardians are best known for competing in League of Legends, but in one big announcement they've revealed that they're moving into Apex Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and World of Warcraft.

In Respawn's battle royale game Apex Legends Timothy 'iiTzTimmy' An, Deston 'Bronzey' Nguyen, and Devon 'Pfitter' Self are representing Golden Guardians, while Andrew 'TidesofTime' Biessener, Rebecca 'Becca' Cho, and Jeffrey 'DeliciousMilkGG' Pan are the Teamfight Tactics players.

As for World of Warcraft, these new signings are Carlos 'Absterge' Correa, Jason 'Pikaboo' Smith, Conner 'Wizk' Torrence, and Vincent 'Jellybeans' Tran.

How well can these teams do?

Apex Legends
Photo: Golden Guardians

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