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Singularity accused of not paying players and more

A number of claims have been made against the team.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

As reported by Esports News UK, esports side Team Singularity has been accused of not only withholding payments from players, but also of declining offers from organisations without telling the players as well as scamming investors.

"Team Singularity at it again lying about investors and trying to make players play for free," Marcus 'Blumigan' Blom claimed on Twitter. "I'll match any offer they give their league division with money from my own pocket. Scammers do NOT belong in esports."

This sentiment was supported by ex-Singularity coach Matko 'Feanor' Jemric, who said: "Strongly advise anyone against joining Singularity. Still waiting for salary and prize money from the last UK Prem split. So are some of the former players."

A statement given to Esports News UK had this to say about Singularity manager Frederik 'Zeus' Holst: "Unfortunately most of this is true, albeit framed in a way to make Zeus look particularly bad, when most of what he did was due to incompetence rather than greed."

What do you make of all of this?

League of Legends
Photo: Team Singularity