Apex Legends

Elevate parts ways with Wave

The esports organisation currently doesn't have any active players on its Apex Legends team.

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The esports organisation Elevate has announced that it has released the final member of its Apex Legends roster, leaving the team without a trio of players to compete in the scene. The last member to have their contract terminated was Davis "wave" Barone, who has been released from the confines of his contract so that he can explore other options in the professional scene.

The statement from Elevate says, "We have come to an agreement to terminate DavisWave's contract and allow him to sign elsewhere. We want to do what's best for those within the organization and sometimes you must part ways."

"We wish Davis all the best and success for this upcoming ALGS season," the statement concludes.

The next Apex Legends Global Series has technically started with preseason qualifiers, but will kick off with actual league play in mid-October. With this release, it seems unlikely that Elevate will have a team ready to compete for when the season does kick off.

Apex Legends

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