Metro Exodus

Episode 2 of Metro Exodus' Making Of series has landed

This is dedicated to the finer details of the 4A Engine and the weapons in play, getting us hyped for the next episode in February.

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4A Games and Deep Silver know how to get us in the mood for Metro Exodus, as it's mere weeks away and we're in the middle of a documentary series right now giving us a peek behind the curtain of its development, talking to the creators as we gear up for the release.

Episode One has already been unveiled, but in the just-released second episode we get to look at the 4A Engine that forms the core of Metro Exodus. As you might have guessed, we get into the details that the developer has worked so hard to polish, especially when it comes to the weapons and firepower available to us.

Episode Three is coming in February, and the game itself is landing on February 15 for PC (supporting Denuvo, as we've just found out), PS4, and Xbox One. We assume this series will get fans just as hyped as the Artyom Custom Edition did when it was revealed earlier this month, something that Metro fans responded very positively towards.

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Metro Exodus

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