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Dylan Jobe on Starhawk

The love child of Unreal and BF.

At Gamescom we managed to meet up with Dylan Jobe from Lightbox Interactive to talk about the upcoming sequel to Warhawk, aptly named Starhawk. He had a lot of interesting things to say and you should really check out the full interview below.

"In the very early days of Warhawk, in fact when we did our first Warhawk prototype it was actually on the PS2, and really the maxim that guided us was the love child between Unreal Tournament and Battlefield. We wanted that fast paced kind of visceral action, that many of us gamers myself included were brought up on - the Unreal games, the Unreal Tournament games, Quake, Quake II, Quake III - that kind of fast paced action, but with just more toys."

The Lightbox Interactive president felt very good about the addition of user created levels to the concept:

"The longevity that build a battle adds to multiplayer is massive. And we already had really, really great multiplayer in Warhawk."

On the topic of persistence Jobe had the following to say:

"We store your customisation and your controller config on the network, on the server, on the Starhawk cloud. So then, if you go over to a friend's house and go in to split screen and log in as your PSN account it will automatically go out set up the controller they way had it set up in your house and set up all your paint jobs and the customisation you had in your house and then you're good."

As a final promise to Warhawk fans Jobe made the following commitment:

"We definitely want to make sure that our Warhawk fans get early access to it [beta]... See if we can give the Warhawk fans early access to the private beta, and just the Warhawk fans, before we go up with our full on public beta."

Starhawk is due out exclusively on Playstation 3 next year.

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