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Dreams: We're going to sink into Art's Dream on GR Live

Media Molecule's dreamy new creative endeavour is out now and we're taking a look at the studio's hand-crafted story campaign.

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Dreams launched on Valentine's Day last week and, given the score we slapped on the game, it's fair to say that we have fallen in love with the latest creative endeavour from Media Molecule, the developer behind the likes of Little Big Planet and Tearaway.

With our love of Dreams extending beyond the confines of Valentine's Day, we thought we'd use today's GR Live to show you Art's Dream, the story campaign authored by MM using the very same tools that players are given access to with the game. If you're after a great example of what the powerful content creation tools in Dreams are capable of, look no further than our livestream today at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET over on GR Live.


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REVIEW. Written by Mikael Sundberg

"Art's Dream has been developed within Dreams using the same tools as the players are given, and it's phenomenal."

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