Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World earning less than other Nintendo mobile games

There's a healthy number of installs, but spending on the game is dwarfed by comparisons to other Nintendo titles.

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Dr. Mario World was released earlier this year to bring back the iconic puzzle franchise featuring the equally iconic Nintendo character, but as reported by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, spending in the game hasn't taken off.

It's only just made the top 500 grossing charts in the US on iOS devices, for example, and while there's a high number of downloads, spending on the game is relatively low. It grossed $1 million USD in August this year, for example, significantly less than launch month revenues for the likes of Fire Emblem Heroes ($67.6 million); Super Mario Run ($30.5 million); and Animal Crossing ($13.6 million).

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Dr. Mario World

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