Discord's store giving developers 90% of revenue

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At the moment there's a lot of talk going on about PC game stores, as Valve's own platform Steam has been questioned after Epic launched their own store giving more of a cut of the games to the developers (88% in fact, compared to Valve's 70%), and now Discord has revealed that they'll be giving 90% to the developers in their own store.

Discord explains that, upon talking to developers themselves, "many of them feel that current stores are not earning their 30% of the usual 70/30 revenue share. Because of this, we now see developers creating their own stores and launchers to distribute their games instead of focusing on what's really important — making great games and cultivating amazing communities."

The post then questions why it costs 30% (referencing Steam) to distribute games, concluding that it actually doesn't cost 30% to distribute. This is why they've chosen to create their own platform to "build amazing developer tools, run them, and give developers the majority of the revenue share."

Starting next year we'll be seeing the Discord store in action, and all games big and small will see developers get 90% of the revenue, with the other 10% covering Discord's operating costs. They'll even explore options to lower that 10% by optimising what they're doing and making things more efficient.

On top of that Verified Servers will be improved too, along with voice and video chat that the service is already known for, all of which is aimed at making the relationship between developers and fans better.

Are you appreciating what's happening with Epic and Discord's stores?

Discord's store giving developers 90% of revenue

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