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Diablo III

Diablo III game director apology

Wilson says "sorry" to Brevik.

Diablo III's game director, Jay Wilson, has issued an apology to series creator David Brevik after a recent public outburst. A recent Facebook comment in which Wilson said "F**k that loser," came in response to comments made by Brevik.

Just a few days ago, Brevik spoke to IncGamers regarding his feelings surrounding Diablo III."I have very mixed emotions about it. On one hand I am sad that people haven't enjoyed Diablo because it's a love, a passion, and its obvious people still have a giant love and passion for Diablo and they are speaking out about it because they have such love for it. That makes me feel great."

"I am sad because people are outraged and, you know, some of the decision they have made are not the decisions I would make and there have been changes in philosophy and that hasn't gone over very well. I think in that way I am a little sad."

Following on from this statement Blizzard employees, including Wilson and Chris Haga, continued the debate on Facebook, which is where the offending comment was posted, and duly noted by several people. The delights of social networking sites.

Diablo III

The apology, which went live on in the early hours of the morning, is a lengthy explanation and apology from the game director.

"As many of you probably know, I recently made a comment on Facebook about Dave Brevik. I want to make it clear that I am very sorry for what I said. I have higher expectations for myself than to express my feelings in such a rash way and disrespect a fellow developer like Dave, someone who deserves to be treated with greater respect."

"What I said was expressed out of anger, and in defense of my team and the game. People can say what they want about me, but I don't take lightly when they disparage the commitment and passion of the Diablo III team. Dave is awesome. In Diablo and Diablo II, he made two of the games that have most affected me as a developer. I respect his vision for Diablo, but just like he said in his interview, the Diablo III team must drive a vision for the game that is true to us. We believe in Diablo and have stuck by it through years of hard development to make it a reality."

Diablo III

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