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Destiny 2

Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer gets a roadmap

There's a lot of new content to look forward to this time around.

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The roadmap for the next season of Destiny 2, known as Season of the Splicer has been revealed by Bungie in the latest TWAB (This Week At Bungie) developer update. Set to arrive as soon as Tuesday, May 11, this season is bringing a whole bunch of exciting new content to the looter-shooter, including new events, activities, and loot to earn.

On May 11, we can look forward to the introduction mission to the Armor Synthesis transmog system that will allow players to change the appearance of their Guardian without switching to less optimal gear. On the same day, we can also expect to see new Stasis Aspect quests, so that we can earn new special abilities for the Stasis sub-class, and last of all, Override will be starting on May 11, bringing a new six-player matchmade activity to the game to earn new loot over.

Other highlights over the season includes; the Vault of Glass raid set to return from the Destiny Content Vault on May 22; the next seasonal event Solstice of Heroes that will arrive on July 6; and the seasonal "epilogue" that is set to take place on August 10. What exactly this epilogue will include remains unclear right now, but hopefully it will deliver an exciting live event for Destiny 2 fans to look forward to.

You can check out the full roadmap below that basically gives us a direct look as to what we can expect to see each week throughout the season. Also, if you haven't already, be sure to catch the new season trailer below.

Destiny 2

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