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Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine "made too many changes"

Game director Luke Smith has opened up to the community about PvP, and the changes on the way.

Destiny 2's game director Luke Smith has been sharing a lot with fans of the game recently, all of which is coming from the Director's Cut posts, and now Part III has revealed his thoughts on PvP within the game, including Trials of the Nine falling below expectations.

"Trials of the Nine wasn't the hero we wanted it to be," he admitted. "We made too many changes to a formula that—while it had begun to decline in Destiny 1—wasn't as flawed as we thought. When we were making Destiny 2, we talked a lot about making sure it felt like a sequel, bringing in new players, and simplifying the game—and Trials of the Nine created another casualty there. It happened on my watch, and if I could turn back time, I'd challenge us to do many things differently. If nothing else, I hope it's clear we are committed to learning from the mistakes we make and making it right."

Smith also talks about PvP in general, and why the team has been so quiet around this section of Destiny 2. "We didn't have a lot to say," he explained. "We weren't actively developing something to hype up. We knew PvP was going to be something everyone got for free in New Light, so it wasn't really a part of the Shadowkeep core offering. What are we doing about PvP became a question we were asked internally, too. A bunch of folks on our team are passionate about PvP and wanted to know where it was heading."

"PvP is in need of some quality-of-life improvements and restructuring. This Fall, with New Light (hopefully) bringing a bunch of new folks into Destiny and with our existing players looking for some updates to PvP, we will start by making significant changes to the PvP portion of the Director."

With regards to these changes, you can find them below:

  • We've removed the Quickplay and Competitive nodes from the Director.

  • If you're looking for an experience like Quickplay, we've added Classic Mix (a connection-based playlist [like Quickplay today]). Classic Mix includes Control, Clash, and Supremacy.

  • Competitive is replaced by 3v3 Survival (which now awards Glory).

  • We've also added a Survival Solo Queue playlist that also awards Glory.

  • We've added 6v6 Control as its own playlist.

  • With the potential influx of new players this Fall, we want to have a playlist that signals to new players that this is where to start.

  • We feel like 6v6 Control is the right starting place when introducing new friends to Destiny.

  • We've added a weekly 6v6 rotator and a weekly 4v4 rotator.

  • These rotator playlists are where modes like Clash, Supremacy, Mayhem, Lockdown, and Countdown will appear.

  • We've removed some underperforming maps from matchmaking, too.

You can find all the details in this post right here. What's your take on PvP in Destiny 2?

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Destiny 2

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