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Death Rally

Death Rally gets boxed in

Crashing into UK stores tomorrow.

Nordic Games today announced a publishing deal with Remedy Entertainment to release a boxed edition of their top down racer, Death Rally, for PC. The game was developed in collaboration with Cornfox and Bros and Mountain Sheep, and will be available in stores from August 10.

Nordic Games' Klemens Kreuzer said: "We are committed to delivering fun and exciting titles and Death Rally has certainly proved itself as being exactly that."

"This new deal with Nordic Games will bolster the presence of Death Rally as a PC game significantly. It's great to see the very first game that we developed now becoming bigger and better," says Oskari Häkkinen from Remedy Entertainment. 

"Our working relationship with Nordic Games is going from strength to strength and they have proved that they can make a great success of our games IP."

Death Rally

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