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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight gets full cross-play this year

Behaviour Interactive is bringing cross-play and cross-friends to its asymmetrical horror experience Dead by Daylight this year.

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"Cross-friends is one of our most asked-for and requested features and we're really happy to say it's finally coming to the game this year," said Dead by Daylight producer Stefan Beauchamp-Daniel during the game's fourth-year anniversary stream last night in which the next chapter was revealed to be a Silent Hill collaboration with Konami (read more about that here). While the new chapter stole the show, cross-play is a feature that players have been asking for since the game first released and it's coming this year.

The developers will add 'add friends' and 'search' features into the in-game friend list. Through the friend list's new features, players will then be able to create 'kill your friends' and custom game lobbies with friends playing on different platforms. Alongside this, Behaviour will also be exploring crossplay which will expand the player pool and hopefully change the meta of the game, pushing console and PC players out of their comfort zones while also making the matchmaking a lot more fair and queue times shorter.

Cross-play and cross-friends will be releasing in two waves, starting with a cross-friends release on the PC platforms (i.e. Steam and Windows Store) which already has cross-play enabled but no way to invite across the two launchers and game versions. After that, the same will be enabled for all console versions - PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One - and all of the platforms will be able to play together, PC and console players alike. Cross-play and cross-friends will be released before the end of this year. Cross-progression is also something that the team is looking to add.

Dead by Daylight

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