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Crytek on Warface potentially coming to Xbox One

"Once we've launched [on Xbox 360], we might start looking at other things."

We recently had a chance to talk to senior producer Wim Coveliers, from Crytek Kiev, about Warface and its launch on Xbox 360. We couldn't help, but ask if they're looking towards Xbox One next.

"When you work in the video games industry all platforms are always in your mind, but we don't have any plans for it right now. So we want to focus on making the Xbox 360 [game] that product it needs to be and the success that it deserves to be and so once we've sort of established that and once we've gotten something that's good, once we've launched it, we might start looking at other things."

For more on Warface and the full interview, read the article Crytek talks Warface on Xbox 360 and the future.

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