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Crypto officially confirmed for Apex Legends

There have been rumours going around regarding the addition of 'Crypto' to the Apex Legends character roster and now the character has been confirmed.

We've seen all sorts of rumours regarding the addition of a new playable character headed for Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends lately. Youtuber The Gaming Merchant even uploaded a clip of the character after he spotted him within the game. Now, mere days later, the character has been confirmed as the next legend through a video put up by Respawn Entertainment.

In the video, the (now less) cryptic character, Crypto, can be seen making a breakthrough while on his computer before learning that he's been framed for murder. The skilled hacker can then be seen using what seems to be EMPs of sorts as well as drones to get away from those hunting him, hacking his way to safety.

You can check the video out for yourself below.

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