Overwatch 2

Crazy Raccoon has won the Overwatch Champions Series Dallas Major

The tournament was hosted at DreamHack Dallas over the weekend.

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This weekend was actually quite a busy one for esports fans, as there were a few exciting tournaments taking place all over the world. The Halo London Major concluded, and so did the Overwatch Champions Series Dallas Major too.

This tournament was hosted at DreamHack Dallas and saw the eight qualifying teams fighting over $200,000 in prize money, as well as qualification to the Esports World Cup this summer too. We now know which teams have claimed these invites.

Crazy Raccoon has come out on top and claimed the tournament for their own, after defeating Team Falcons in the grand final. This means that the Raccoons are heading home with $80,000 of the prize pool, and a spot in the EWC like the Falcons, and the third and fourth placing Spacestation Gaming and ENCE, respectively.

The OWCS will now be back in action in the coming days with more matches in the FACEIT League Season 1.

Overwatch 2

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