Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

CoD World League Championship is heating up

Team EnVyUs, FAB Games, Rise Nation. and Team ELevate remain in the winner's bracket.

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The competition at Call of Duty XP's Call of Duty World League Championship (CoD Champs for short) is heating up as the final four of the winner's bracket has been reached. Team EnVyUs may have impressed most beating both Optic Gaming and Faze Clan en route to the semis, while their opposition, FAB Games, progressed via wins of Epsilon (3-1) and Splyce (3-2), thus beating the other European top teams to become the last hope for European glory (or UK glory as it may be).

Rise Nation beat Millenium (3-1) and Luminosity (3-0), and have certainly impressed thus far, and the same should be said of their opposition Team eLevate who edged out Team Kaliber (3-2) and breezed past Cloud9 (3-0) to reach the semis.

In the loser's bracket, Optic Gaming, who were picked of in the first round of the eliminator round by Team EnVyUs (once again showing their relative weakness in Search and Destroy), are still alive in the loser's bracket where they will meet Cloud9 next for a chance to claw their way back to the final. Faze Clan who were beaten (3-0) by Team EnVyUs in the second round of the eliminators are also in with a chance of capturing a place in the final via the loser's bracket. They're up against Splyce next.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

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