Cities: Skylines II

Cities: Skylines II map claimed to be five times bigger than predecessor

That's larger than some real countries.

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No doubt there are many people out there who are struggling for space on their current project in Cities: Skylines. The game features maps that are built on 5x5 tiles, which total around 33.18 square-kilometres of space, which isn't particularly much space for an actual city. Developer Colossal Order is looking to address and rectify this problem in the upcoming Cities: Skylines II.

As mentioned in the latest video, the developer notes that it has changed how tiles in the game work. Each tile is now around a third of the size of tiles in the original game, but now you can purchase around 441 tiles, meaning you'll have around 159 square-kilometres of space to play around with, which is around five times as much space as was available in Cities: Skylines. For anyone wondering, there are five countries in the world that are smaller than this (Vatican City, Monaco, Nauru, Tuvalu, and San Marino).

Check out the latest developer video below for more information on how these tiles will work.

Cities: Skylines II

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