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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Celtic continue to dominate in eFootball.Pro matchday 2

Ettorito steps up once more, while AS Monaco and Schalke 04 put themselves just behind with a series of good results.

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The second matchday of the eFootball.Pro competition for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 has just wrapped up this past weekend, and it's good news for Celtic FC as they continue to dominate the other teams, sitting atop the table as the only side with six points.

Despite one of their matches with Boavista ending in a 1-1 draw, their star player Ettore 'Ettorito' Giannuzzi won his tie 5-1 to make it an overall win with a solid goal difference of 6 for the team.

AS Monaco are close behind them in the table with four points, although against FC Nantes they could only manage a 1-1 draw, winning 2-1 in one match and losing by the same margin in another.

Schalke 04 also launched themselves into third place with a win over FC Barcelona, but this was by the tightest of margins. The first game finished 2-2 after all, but then a 3-2 win in the second game gave them the victory overall.

What can happen in the third matchday?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
Photo: eFootball.Pro

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