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Overwatch 2

Catch all the results from the third week of the Overwatch League here

We've seen the Eastern division teams play and now have a leader.

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The third week of the 2022 Overwatch League season has officially come to a close, and that means we have a bunch of matches and results to take a look at. This week in particular saw the Eastern division teams competing, meaning we got a glimpse at the rosters and organisations that are based in Asia, and therefore have a bunch of extra games to look at as well. Without further ado, here are the results for the third week.

  • Philadelphia Fusion 3-0 Shanghai Dragons

  • Los Angeles Valiant 1-3 Guangzhou Charge

  • Seoul Dynasty 1-3 Hangzhou Spark

  • Washington Justice 3-1 Paris Eternal

  • New York Excelsior 0-3 Florida Mayhem

  • Dallas Fuel 3-0 Toronto Defiant

  • Guangzhou Charge 0-3 Chengdu Hunters

  • Hangzhou Spark 2-3 Shanghai Dragons

  • Los Angeles Valiant 2-3 Seoul Dynasty

  • Houston Outlaws 3-0 London Spitfire

  • Los Angeles Gladiators 2-3 San Francisco Shock

  • Toronto Defiant 3-1 Boston Uprising

  • Guangzhou Charge 0-3 Philadelphia Fusion

  • Seoul Dynasty 3-0 Chengdu Hunters

  • Hangzhou Spark 3-2 Los Angeles Valiant

  • Vancouver Titans 0-3 Atlanta Reign

  • Dallas Fuel 3-0 Paris Eternal

  • Washington Justice 1-3 Boston Uprising

The Overwatch League continues this Friday, with the first match of the week seeing the Philadelphia Fusion facing the Seoul Dynasty at 11:00 BST / 12:00 CEST.

Overwatch 2

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