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Destiny 2

Bungie states that the inspiration for Destiny 2's Arc 3.0 was Crank 2: High Voltage

Guardians can channel the powers of Jason Statham when the updated class debuts on August 23.

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In less than a week, Destiny 2 players will have the third and final updated Destiny 2 subclass to play around with, as Arc 3.0 will be debuting alongside the next and currently unannounced season of the game.

While we're yet to see Arc 3.0 in action (Bungie will likely save that for the Destiny 2 Showcase taking place before the new season drops), the developer has now shared a meaty blog post where it discusses what it aims to achieve with the revamped class, and also its inspiration.

Strangely enough, Bungie notes that the 2009 Jason Statham movie, Crank 2: High Voltage was an inspiration for the redesigned class. If you haven't seen this movie, Statham's heart is replaced by a battery, and in order to survive, he must keep his body electrified by getting into all kinds of completely absurd and ridiculous situations. Bungie states that "it's a great place to start for the fantasy the team wanted to achieve", and that it is all about "Namely ridiculous closing speed and maximum impact upon arrival."

"We had a lot of ideas about, 'Oh, you get this buff and then—much like Jason Statham's heart —you need to keep it ticking by staying in the fight," said Destiny designer Mike Humbolt. "[As the design evolved] we strayed a bit from that just because it's hard to achieve that in gameplay of Destiny, where you're deleting 75 monsters in a room and then running through a hallway. But that was the emotional fantasy that we wanted to go for: very much like 'living on the edge.'"

The blog post does go a little deeper into the design process for each of the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan Arc abilities, with Hunter's getting Arc Staff again and the power to Blink, Warlocks being designed around "Emperor Palpatine in full lightning-fingers mode", and Titans getting various ways to crash and punch their way through enemies.

Take a look at the full blog post here.

Destiny 2

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