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Destiny 2

Bungie is finally reducing the frequency of blue item drops in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

The aim is to "reduce the frequency of visits to the Postmaster when running playlist activities."

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Over the past few weeks, Bungie has been sharing tidbits of information as to how Destiny 2 will change when The Witch Queen expansion lands in-game on February 22. We know that the way Masterworked weapons and Orbs of Light work is seeing an update, thanks to last week's blog post, but this week's has finally revealed that one of Destiny 2's greatest nuisances, rare (blue) weapons and gear, is getting some changes as well.

Mentioned in the post, blue gear will no longer be dropped from playlist activities (Strikes, Crucible, etc.) once players have reached the soft cap. In their place, there will be a higher chance of receiving legendary (purple) gear, or a small amount of Legendary Shards, used for upgrading. Bungie has stated the reason for this is to "reduce the need for players to manage their inventories and reduce the frequency of visits to the Postmaster when running playlist activities." It should be noted that this doesn't mean blue gear will be removed from the game, as it will still be found as drops from enemies and chests.

In terms of the soft cap just mentioned, Bungie also shared that The Witch Queen will see a jump in Power level, with the floor (lowest level) now set to be 1350, the soft cap (when blue gear stops dropping from playlist activities) being 1500, the Power Cap (when powerful gear is no longer an upgrade) being 1550, and finally, the hard cap (only reached through pinnacle gear obtained through endgame activities such as raids and Trials of Osiris) set to 1560.

The blog post, being quite the lengthy one, also did reveal that certain vendors would be seeing an overhaul. Banshee-44 will now have a system similar to that of Lord Shaxx and Zavala, and likewise Master Rahool will now handle the material exchange duties of The Spider, since The Tangled Shore is being vaulted. Similarly, certain Exotic weapons that are tied to Exotic quests that are being vaulted (Hawkmoon and Dead Man's Tale) will now be available to grab within Xur's collection of weekly gear.

Last of all, Bungie set the date as for when the next World First raid race will take place. While we don't know the name of the raid in The Witch Queen, we are told that the race is set to begin on March 5 at 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET, suggesting that will also be the day when the doors of the raid will open.

Destiny 2

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