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Bungie details Super nerfs in upcoming Destiny 2 update

Titans and Warlocks are in the firing line for the next upcoming patch for Destiny 2.

The latest edition of This Week At Bungie dropped yesterday, giving us an update on the direction Destiny 2's sandbox balance is heading over the next couple of weeks. One of the bigger changes on the way is coming to Supers, the Striker Titan and the Warlock's Dawnblade class in particular, bringing down their effectiveness to be more inline with the other classes out there.

Destiny 2

For Strikers, it will be the bottom path that is taking the hit in the Code of the Juggernaut, where the changes are aiming at making each decision more important and less forgiving of positional errors. Being put in effect on October 29; the amount of Super returned on kills will be reduced by 2%. The diminishing return system that increases the cost of the Super attacks will now occur after 14 combatant kills, or 7 player kills compared to the current 15 kills in today's sandbox. The cost of a light attack will be increased by 50%, up to 3% each and regeneration will no longer result from Super kills.

The Dawnblade bottom tree will also be targeted in the Attunement of Flame, aiming to make similar changes to the Striker. The amount of Super energy on each kill is being tuned and the diminishing effect mechanic will be put into effect after 21 combatant kills or 7 player kills, instead of the current 30 kills in total.

The Titan's will also be receiving tweaks to Shoulder Charge, eliminating a bug that allowed players to apply certain buffs to the mechanic. Last of all, Bungie has also highlighted that they are watching certain other abilities and gear, putting extra emphasis on the Titan exotic One Eyed Mask, and are planning to roll out tweaks for them in the coming future.

To read the full extent of patch notes, you can check it out here.

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Destiny 2

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