Bloober Team's new teaser seems to point to Observer 2

Bloober Team's new teaser seems to point to Observer 2

After taking us to the Black Hills in Blair Witch, they might be returning to their dystopian nightmare.

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Polish developer Bloober Team has made a name for themselves as a horror studio over the last few years, bringing us Layers of Fear and the sequel, as well as the adaptation of Blair Witch last year, but they've also tried their hand at sci-fi scares with Observer.

Now they're teasing a new project, and it seems as if this is something sci-fi once again, leading fans to speculate that this could be an Observer sequel, which certainly looks likely considering what appears in the trailer below.

For those who don't know, the original game focuses on detective Daniel Lazarski (played by Rutger Hauer of Blade Runner fame), and in a response to the tweet someone decodes the binary in the teaser to uncover the name Daniel, to which Bloober compliments them for their hacking skills.

If you haven't tried Observer be sure to check out our review while we wait patiently for more information regarding this particular tease.

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