Blasphemous makes us repent with its launch trailer

The game has landed on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One to introduce us to world of The Penitent One.

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The Game Kitchen and Team17 have celebrated the release of hack 'n' slash game Blasphemous with a brand new launch trailer that gets us ready for the punishing journey, which has landed on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Cvstodia's fate lies with you, The Penitent One, and you must use your sword - Mea Culpa - to rid this world of evil and increasingly difficult enemies, learning from each death and becoming stronger as you go.

"It's a game that has been a labour of love for everybody involved in its development," said The Game Kitchen's CEO Mauricio García. "The journey of 'The Penitent One' through Cvstodia is a hardcore, unforgiving experience, and we hope that players will really immerse themselves in the game's twisted and nightmarish world. We believe Blasphemous delivers a new and exciting experience for fans of the Metroidvania genre. We're excited to bring the history and folklore of southern Spain to players and we can't wait to see how the community reacts to the dark, gothic world the studio has created out of that inspiration."

You can get the game digitally for £19.99 (€24.99, $24.99 USD), and the trailer can be found down below.

Will you be repenting?


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