Counter-Strike 2

BlameF has been been acquired by Fnatic

The former Astralis player now has a new home.

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Astralis has sold one of its players to Fnatic. Benjamin "BlameF" Bremer has been acquired by Fnatic, meaning his approximate 30-month tenure with the Danish esports organisation's Counter-Strike 2 team has come to a close.

Speaking about the decision to sell BlameF, Astralis stated, "Astralis wish to thank Benjamin for his time, dedication, and efforts at Astralis and wish him the very best of luck in his new home. Benjamin was a vital part of the Astralis team in 2½ years, and he will always be a valued part of the Astralis Family."

While Fnatic will no doubt see the impact of BlameF as he's incorporated into the team, Astralis will likely be more comfortable with the sale as BlameF was benched by the Danish team back in late February and has not served on the active roster since then.

Counter-Strike 2

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