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Apex Legends' Voidwalker event starts tomorrow

This Wraith-themed event has a Town Takeover, not to mention challenges and rewards to earn as well.

EA and Respawn have revealed that Apex Legends is getting a Voidwalker event between September 3 and 17, revolving around Wraith and her "mysterious past" while also featuring a new mode, Town Takeover, and more.

The Wraith Town Takeover sees the Wraith facility emerge in Kings Canyon, including a prototype portal and lore about the character. You can also experience the Armed and Dangerous limited-time mode as well, with weapons limited to snipers and shotguns, albeit with loot harder to find. With more modes planned for the future, Respawn is also asking for feedback on this one.

There are event challenges as well, featuring Wraith-themed content as rewards, on top of exclusive skins. There's even a direct purchase shop too, featuring the Voidwalker Wraith Legendary cosmetic, including a custom character select animation. We'll also get lower price point items new for this event, and you can see the schedule of store items below.

Six new legendary items have been added to the core loot pool as well, which can be crafted or obtained via packs, and each also receives a first look offer in the direct purchase store too.

To round things off, between 10:00 PT (18:00 BST) on September 6 to the same time on September 9, players get double XP for finishes and wins in the top 5, affecting Battle Pass progression and account level.

Will you be trying out the event?

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