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Apex Legends Valentine's Day event sees the return of Duos

The new Valentine's Day event will see the return of the fan-favoured Duos mode alongside double XP and exclusive loot.

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As part of the new Valentine's Day special event, the fan-favourite Duos game mode will be returning for a limited time to Apex Legends. For those of you who buddy up with a friend or a romantic partner during this event will receive the 'Double Up' XP boost, which will grant the duo up to 20k's worth of double XP.

Also, just for logging into Apex between February 11-18 all players will unlock the exclusive Valentine's Day 2020 badge to use in-game.

As well as the free exclusive badge Apex will also have four themed items filtering through the shop over the next seven days, starting out with the 'Love Struck' charm and the 'Through the Heart' Longbow skin. These items will be available between February 11-14. The Charm will set you back 500 Apex Coins, with the skin setting you back 800.

Starting from the 15th of February, players will find the 'Lovefinder' charm and the 'Love of the Game' Pathfinder frame. These items will be in store until the end of the event and set you back 700 and 800 coins.

For full details and a look at these in-game items be sure to check out the official Apex website.

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