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Apex Legends' September Soiree has just started

The event looks to celebrate fan-favorite skins and modes throughout September.

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Respawn announced Apex Legends' September Soiree, a special event that celebrates player-favorite modes and skins for a limited time through all this month. Yesterday, September 8, Dummies Big Day just started, and this is the first event of the month, in which competitors will have to choose a color and survive using unexpected and decisive skills. Every Tuesday in September, one of the fan-favorite modes will return, and on September 29 there will be the last event of the month.

In addition to these limited-time modes, September Soiree will give players the opportunity to get the exclusive skins of the Grand Soiree, the event that took place last January. The coveted skins of Grand Soiree will be available at a special price along with rare and legendary Pack bundles.

The sales will start on September 15th and lasts until September 22nd.

Apex Legends

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