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Apex Legends

Apex Legends PS5 and Xbox Series versions are arriving today

The update will bring 4K output, full 60Hz gameplay, HDR and few other bonus features.

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Respawn Entertainment will officially be launching the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of Apex Legends today, as part of a free update tied to the Warriors Collection Event, which also starts today.

The update will be served up as part of the Smart Delivery system for Xbox Series users, whereas PS5 users will need to select the right version from the PS5 dashboard, where they can download the new-gen edition, and ultimately also be able to remove the PS4 edition from their SSD.

As for what new improvements these editions will serve up, Respawn has given a short checklist of features, and also revealed the improvements it will be bringing to the PS5/Xbox Series editions in the future.

Improvements over back-compat versions:

  • 4K output (not available of Xbox Series S)

  • Full 60Hz gameplay

  • HDR

  • Higher resolution shadow maps (not available of Xbox Series S)

  • Greater LOD distances (not available of Xbox Series S)

Coming in future updates:

  • 120Hz gameplay

  • Adaptive triggers (PS5 only)

  • Haptics (PS5 only)

  • Visual improvements

  • Audio improvements

As for the Warriors Collection Event, this will be running from today until April 12 and will see the 9v9 Control returning, alongside a new map to compete on: The Caustic Treatment. Similarly, there will be a new Arenas map entering the fray, with Drop-Off becoming available in-game. There will also be a range of new cosmetics and skins to earn, and if you're interested in picking them, be sure to see them in their full glory here.

Apex Legends

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