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Apex Legends PC players report a "huge drop in performance"

Apex Legends players on PC have reported a performance drop following the game's latest update.

Following the release of the latest update on September 19th, Apex Legends seems to be affected by a significant drop in terms of performance, as reported by several PC players. According to some users, it seems that the problem is due to the anti-cheat system, while for others it seems to be due to the new elements introduced with the new character Crypto, expected on October 1st alongside Season 3: Meltdown.

According to some players, it seems that the drop is considerable, as it has led to a collapse of almost 50%, involving 45 frames per second in some areas where many reported 85 frames per second before the update was published.

Respawn, at the moment, has not yet released official statements, but obviously we're keeping you updated as the information reaches us.

Apex Legends

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