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Apex Legends kills off Season 4's Forge and teases Revenant

It seems like things aren't as clear as last week's stream would have it seem, and we might see a long-teased character join the fight after all.

Blizzard is known for teasing upcoming Overwatch characters in animated shorts, Easter eggs in the game, and so on and so forth, and now it seems like the folks at Respawn have taken their own Apex Legends misdirection to another level too.

Things seemed fairly normal when the studio unveiled Jimmie "Forge" McCormick as the new legend to join Apex Legends during last week's Season 4: Assimilation stream, but the fourth season is living up to its name by giving us a murder mystery in the new animated short called Up Close and Personal.

The short was announced as an interview where we'd learn more about Forge, but let's just say that it ends a lot sooner than planned. Respawn has since confirmed that Forge is definitely dead on Twitter, so it would seem that we're getting a yet to be named replacement legend instead when the next season starts on February 4.

But who is it? Well, considering the reference to Pathfinder AKA MRVN it the Twitter statement, and the fact that the assailant matches the description of the long-teased and rumoured Revenant, it would seem that the next character to join the fight murdered their way onto the roster.

What do you think about Respawn's cool twist?

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