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Apex Legends gets spooky with Halloween event

The Fight or Fright event has new cosmetics and a limited time mode called Shadowfall, bringing darkness to Kings Canyon.

EA and Respawn have revealed full details on the Halloween event heading to Apex Legends this month, running from October 15 to November 5 as the Fight or Fright Collection Event in the battle royale title.

The limited time mode is called Shadowfall, bathing the Kings Canyon map in darkness - different to the World's Edge map that's just launched with Season 3: Meltdown. There's another twist too, as the dead return as undead for the Shadow Squad, removing weapons but increasing movement and jump speed, giving you a heavy melee attack as well. Once 10 living Legends remain, they must join forces to fight to an evacuation ship.

There are exclusive event challenges too, as you might have guessed. Two legendary weapon skins can be earned for free as a part of this, but there are also badges and music packs to unlock.

24 limited premium cosmetics can also be unlocked, available to purchase with Apex Coins, directly craftable via Crafting Metals, or a random unlock with Apex Packs. What's more is that event currency in these packs have been replaced with non-event loot drops too, with zero duplicates too. Below you can see a breakdown of all the prices:

Direct Purchase

Legendaries - 1,800 Apex Coins
Epics - 1,000 Apex Coins


Legendaries - 2,400 Crafting Metals
Epics - 800 Crafting Metals

Event Apex Packs

700 Apex Coins

On top of all that, Lifeline's Heirloom Set awaits those who get all 24 event cosmetics, and from 10:00 PST (18:00 BST) on October 25 to the same time on October 28 there's a double XP weekend for top-five finishes and wins.

Are you ready for spooky Apex action?

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