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Apex Legends gets Preseason Invitational in September

80 teams will fight it out for $500,000 USD as part of this double-elimination tournament for Respawn's game.

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EA and Respawn Entertainment have just revealed the Apex Legend Preseason Invitational, coming between September 13 and 15 to Kraków, Poland and seeing 80 three-person teams compete for a prize pool of $500,000 USD.

"When we started the EA Competitive Gaming Division, we had a vision to Make Stars of All Our Players as we build an entertainment spectacle that captivates millions of players and spectators," said Todd Sitrin, SVP and GM of the EA Competitive Gaming Division. "Today we officially expand EA Competitive Gaming through the addition of Apex Legends, owner of one of the biggest game launches in history that continues to be powered today by a passionate global community. The Apex Legends Preseason Invitational is the key next step in our esports journey."

"Competition is in the DNA of Apex Legends and this competitive event will showcase the game at its highest-level," adds Chad Grenier, Design Director. "This Apex Legends Preseason Invitational advances our vision towards a robust competitive experience with the community at the center. We continue to explore all the entertaining ways both players and spectators can experience Apex Legends and look forward to bringing this event to life."

All teams start in the winners bracket of the double elimination tournament, and each team's performance in a round decides whether they continue or fall to the loser's bracket. This continues until teams are whittled down to the final 20, with those in the loser's bracket being eliminated if they aren't good enough.

You can apply for an invite to the competition by emailing [email protected], along with your Origin ID and linked email address.

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Apex Legends

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