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Apex Legends

Apex Legends gets a new weapon today

Respawn Entertainment has done a great job supporting the game with updates since launch, so now it's time to turn the focus over to new content.

Respawn Entertainment loved sharing some cryptic and distorted teaser videos the last few hours before they unveiled Apex Legends, so it shouldn't be especially surprising that they're doing something similar for new content.

The studio has posted a short teaser on Twitter revealing that a new weapon will become available in Apex Legends later today. They don't want to say what it is however and the short clip isn't entirely clear either. It kind of seems like an automatic rifle using energy ammunition, but what's with the charged shot at the end? Is it a modifier or just standard? We'll get our answer to that and how effective it is when the update lands later today.

Will you try it out or stay with you regular gear?

Apex Legends

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