Counter-Strike 2

Apeks announces plans to reset its Counter-Strike 2 team

By placing the current entire team on the transfer list.

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The board over at the esports organisation Apeks is clearly not happy with the recent performance of its Counter-Strike 2 team and where they are currently operating in the world, as plans have been made to effectively press the reset button and rebuild a team from scratch.

Apeks has announced that its entire Counter-Strike 2 team has been put on the transfer list, meaning teams can swoop in and make an offer for each of the player's or coach's services. As to why this decision has been made, Apeks COO Anders Kjaer adds:

"We have failed to create a team that can perform at the highest level, and we don't see any future in the team the way it looks now. Because of that, transfer listing the whole team is a hard but necessary decision. We will remain committed to build a CS team that can compete with the best, and the club is excited for the opportunities this rebuild represents."

We're told to expect frequent updates on player transfers and other developments as the rebuild process continues.

Counter-Strike 2

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