APB Reloaded

APB gets new owner

MMO bought by Californian company

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Like a phoenix out of the ashes, online cops and robbers game APB has been resurrected at the hands of US company K2 Network, who bought the floundering title in a reported £1.5 million deal with previous owner and franchise creator Realtime Worlds.

After five years in development APB was greeted with a lukewarm response upon launch in July. Two months later its servers were shut down as RTW went into administration due to financial troubles which saw the Dundee-based outfit close its doors for the final time in September.

There are no details yet as to what the Californian-based K2 Network's plans are for the title. The company, founded in 2001, localizes Eastern MMOs for Western markets, and are behind free-to-play service GamersFirst, so there might be a chance APB will return in some form and under a different business model.

APB Reloaded

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