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Alienation pushed back to April, new trailer released

It's the new colourful and procedural multiplayer action game from the creators of Resogun.

In our recent final hands-on impressions we defined Alienation as "a twin-stick shooter with big explosions and plenty of potential", based on its spectacular graphics, satisfying gameplay and blasting weapons. If you're as well interested in the new Housemarque's offering, you better know that the game is no longer coming out March 23, but April 26, as officially announced by Sony yesterday.

For full details on the game make sure you read our comprehensive preview. The following new Alienation gameplay trailer gives you a good idea of how the game works:

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REVIEW. Written by Philip Lauritz Poulsen

"It's a fantastic game that we'd recommend to any twin stick shooter fan out there with a lust for alien blood."

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